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horseOver the weekend I was at an event full of activities and workshops. One session the participants took off to the nearby playground and … well, they played.

They played games, they played on the swimgsets, the climbers. The women laughed (and sweat)  and the participants after the class said it reminded them of the freedom they felt when they were younger and they “just played” with no objective to work “this muscle or that”, or increase their heart rate to whatever desired level is the current desired level.

They worked out, they sweat, they laughed and they played.

We all have memories of playing. Of calling out “olly olly oxen free” or swiming so high we get “the bumps”

And as we stand by watching our kids play, we can see the amazing world they are creating in their imaginations, because we did that too.  How structure at the playground suddenly becomes a castle, moated with crocodiles,or a tree house on a deserted island.

I love to watch my children play. We hit the park, they play, and I dream. They laugh, and I remember.

And sometimes, great things come to my mind while they are elbows deep in the imagination.

The ride home smells like sunshine and sweat, with fatigued little people ready to fill their bellies and crash (yes, another pro!)

kraftcelebrationThis is why I am partering up and sharing the news about the Kraft Celebration Tour. 

The Kraft Celebration Tour recognizes the passion and community spirit that brings people together and promotes healthy active lifestyles from coast to coast.  Since 2009, the Kraft Celebration Tour has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians in 40 deserving communities with a total of $1 million toward projects such as:

  • Building a skateboard park
  • Upgrading a sports field
  • Improving a boxing facility
  • Renovating a community youth centre

To nominate a community, Canadians are asked to submit a short essay and up to five photos explaining why their community deserves to be a part of the Kraft Celebration Tour by June 7th, 2013 and how the $25,000 community award will go towards the creation or improvement of a local community space.  The essay should also touch upon how the award would help promote community spirit, a passion for sports, and an active lifestyle.

As well, Canada’s #1 sportscast, TSN, to broadcast live from the 10 shortlisted communities this summer !

Take a moment, and share this post with YOUR community! Work together to put in an application  BEFORE June 7th to improve (or create) your favorite community space! This is a memory that touches all of us, so share the love!

Or just head to the park . . . maybe a great idea will come to you.



Disclosure – I am participating in the Kraft Celebration Tour Blogger Campaign. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own



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